Worksafe Policy - Annual Briefing


    As Managing Director of Electrification Construction Services Ltd (ECS) I acknowledge my responsibility and duty of care under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, etc, and undertake to maintain safe systems effecting the health and welfare of my employees and sub-contractors.

    Therefore, I will provide to employees with a blame free procedure for questioning and ultimately refusing to undertake work in such a way that is unsafe and a risk to their own and/or others’ health and safety. This will ensure work is stopped and the system of work changed, if potential or imminent risk of accident or incident arises. The following list is not exhaustive but details some of the reasons why the company would expect the Work Safe Procedure to be invoked:

  • You are not competent to undertake the work
  • You do not have the correct equipment
  • There is no Safe System of Work, or
  • You do not have the correct PPE

  • I will also put into place a confidential reporting system that will provide employees with the means of reporting anonymously any incident, unsafe acts concern and safety or environmental related issues.
  • The Work Safe and Confidential Reporting System are designed to my employees’ confidence that should they question the safety of working systems their views will be given serious consideration by the Company.
  • The Work Safe procedure and the Confidential Reporting System are in addition to the CIRAS confidential reporting system operated by the RSSB.
  • When a Work Safe or Confidential Report is received from an employee, I will ensure that a Manager is allocated to investigate the concern and ensure that a response to the concern is published, is written in plain English and respect the reporter’s motives.
  • No attempt will be made to breach the anonymity of individuals as it is recognised that confidence in the integrity of the confidential reporting system for employees does depend on individual’s privacy being respected.
  • I will ensure ECS will not discipline, discriminate or impose any form of penalty on an employee who invokes the Refusal to Work Procedure.
  • All employees will be briefed on the Work Safe Procedure, Confidential Reporting and the CIRAS Reporting process during their induction and all employees will receive a re-briefing annually.
  • The employee or employees who invoked the Work Safe Procedure will be informed of any decisions made throughout the process.
  • Signed: Shane Williams (Managing Director)


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