Toolbox Talk – D2 Driving standards - Aligned to FORS Standard version 6
Toolbox Talk – D2 Driving standards - Aligned to FORS Standard version 6

    1. Aim of toolbox talk

    The aim of this toolbox talk is to communicate company policy of ensuring that all drivers (including sub-contracted and agency drivers) drive within the Highway Code and follow company policy at all times paying particular attention to vulnerable road users.

    2. How this toolbox talk will help you

    This toolbox talk will cover various aspects of the Highway Code and our company driving standards policy. It will highlight what your responsibilities are as a driver and help you to be safer on the roads. If you haven’t signed a declaration stating that you have been issued with, read and understood the company policy on driving standards then speak up, you need to have done this!

    3. Reason why

    Drivers should ensure the upkeep of general driving standards and the safety of all road users. This can mean:

  • Drivers stay safe on the roads
  • Adherence to speed limits, traffic signs, road markings
  • The safety of vulnerable road users is improved
  • Correct actions are taken following breakdowns/collisions
  • Avoiding the use of mobile phones and other in-vehicle technology unless safe to do so
  • Drivers don’t drive when tired or under the influence of medicine, alcohol and drugs
  • Safety equipment (where applicable) is used correctly



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