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This document is to ensure that Electrification Construction Services Ltd (ECS) has a formal agreement in place with all other Sub-Sponsors that wish to use our Primary Sponsored workers.

It is designed to ensure both parties understand, agree and comply with their responsibilities under the Sentinel Scheme Rules.

Any company requesting permission to Sub-sponsor any workers for whom ECS hold Primary Sponsor responsibility must comply with the Sub-Sponsor requirements detailed below and sign and return the completed Application Form in Appendix A.

Requests for sub-sponsorship will be reviewed by ECS and approved or rejected dependent on the circumstances under which the individual(s) is/are to be used, their availability for the shift and the validity of the application.

ECS, as Primary Sponsor, will:-

  • Have undertaken the checks required by the Sentinel Scheme Rules of an Individual’s suitability to work on NRMI prior to entering into a Contract of Sponsorship.
  • Have in place a current ‘Contract of Sponsorship’ with each individual for whom it has assumed Primary Sponsor responsibility.
  • In addition, ECS will provide individuals with the following:

  • A valid Sentinel Smart Card.
  • An induction briefing which will include as a minimum the rules and responsibilities placed upon them by the Sentinel Scheme.
  • Advice, guidance or instruction on any medication restrictions and any changes in medical conditions which may affect the individual’s ability to work safely on NRMI.
  • Briefings on changes to applicable standards issue revised Rule Book Handbooks and brief any changes, brief any changes to the Sentinel Scheme Rules.
  • Suitable PPE, branded with the “ECS” company logo.
  • Training and assessments to ensure competencies are maintained.
  • Note: Any additional training requested by the Sub-sponsor must to be made in writing and authorised by ECS.
    Agreement must be reached prior to any additional training taking place regarding any associated costs (e.g., additional Rule Book Handbooks, Safety Critical equipment, etc.)

  • Provide mentoring support to develop the competence of the Individual for competencies as required by ECS.
  • Fit for purpose Safety Critical Equipment to enable the Individual to undertake their duties on NRMI, as required by ECS.
  • The Sub-Sponsor will:-

  • Maintain the minimum insurance level it is required to hold for works undertaken by Individuals they are putting to work.
  • Ensure that confirmation of the individual’s availability for work from ECS as Primary sponsor is received before resourcing the Individual to work and provide shift details as set out in ECS Sub-Sponsor Shift Request Form.
  • Issue personal information such as Rulebook Handbooks and relevant information for any additional competences as required by them, which is over and above that required by ECS when working on the sub-sponsors behalf.
  • Provide all information to ECS to enable the management of the overall safety of the Individual. This includes, but is not limited to information on working hours, safety incidents, competencies used and competence short-falls.
  • Co-operate with ECS in the management of working hours by supplying, in a timely manner, information on hours worked by individuals used.
  • Note: Where extra working hours have been required, the Sub-sponsor will provide a copy of the Excess Hours Approval and completed supporting risk assessment.

  • Notify ECS of any safety issues or misconduct events as soon as is reasonably practicable following the occurrence.
  • Provide any additional fit for purpose Safety Critical Equipment to enable the individual to undertake their duties on NRMI.
  • Maintain all records as necessary for any work undertaken by an individual on NRMI on its behalf.
  • Advise ECS of any misconduct event immediately.
  • Note: The Sub-sponsor is responsible for invoking the process for managing misconduct events which lead to a breach of the Sentinel Scheme Rules and collating information and evidence to support a local investigation by ECS .

  • Maintain all records of misconduct events and (as necessary) assist the Primary-Sponsor or Network Rail in any subsequent investigations of the individual.