PF024.1 Rail: Site Safety & Environmental Inspection Form

PF024.1 Rail: Site Safety & Environmental Inspection Form

    Guidance on how to undertake record and manage your Site Safety Inspection;

    The purpose of your Site Inspection is to monitor compliance with Legislation, Network Rail & Rail Industry Standards, Company Procedures and Site Rules, SSoW are in place and complied with, the wellbeing of the staff, welfare facilities and the environmental impact on the surrounding area and wildlife due to the work activities including possible noise and light contamination.

    Ensure the correct documentation is in place and been filled in to correct standard and is eligible to all. To monitor all staff undertaking any roles and make sure they are all certified to do so with the correct protective clothing for the task

    Ensure that all equipment is fit for purpose and within the correct calibration and/or servicing date and in good working condition.

    Ensure all staff have received the correct briefing and have signed to verify they have understood the briefings. All staff have had their Sentinel Card scanned in with a check undertaken by the COSS.

    Following the 8 step process below is good practice

  • 1. Observe all aspects of the worksite i.e., Access/Egress, Workers, Location, Welfare Facilities, Lighting, Noise, Signage.
  • 2. Check all documentation is in place and filled in correctly and eligible.
  • 3. Check on the general wellbeing of all staff and encourage feedback.
  • 4. Discuss work being undertaken and the process being used and encourage feedback.
  • 5. Observe work process and procedures and discuss
  • 6. Encourage workforce to challenge if system if they have concern.
  • 7. Always follow the Network Rail Lifesaving Rules.
  • 8. Give constructive feedback, offer praise when it is due and make note of best practise when seen.