Safety Toolbox Talk - Terrorism & Security Threats

Safety Toolbox Talk - Terrorism/Security Threats

Safety Toolbox Talk - Terrorism/Security Threats

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Safety Toolbox Talk - Terrorism/Security Threats

Although rare the threat from terrorism/firearm and other weapons to the UK remains both real and serious.

An attack could take place at any time without warning with the company and its employees affected – from the disruption caused by the use of its premises or vehicle and in the worst case, staff caught directly in the midst of a violent attack.

The 'stay safe' principles detailed below give some simple actions to consider at an incident and the information that Armed Officers may need in the event of a weapons or firearm attack:


  • Escape if you can
  • Consider the safest options
  • Is there a safe route? Run if not hide
  • Can you get there without exposing yourself to greater Danger?
  • Insist others leave with you
  • Leave belongings behind


  • If you cannot run, hide
  • Find cover from gunfire
  • If you can see the attacker, they may be able to see you.
  • Cover from view does not mean you are safe, bullets go
  • Through glass, brick, wood and metal
  • Find cover from gunfire e.g. Substantial brickwork/heavy
  • Reinforced walls
  • Be aware of your exits
  • Try not to get trapped
  • Be quiet, silence your phone
  • Lock/barricade yourself in
  • Move away from the door


  • Call 999 – What do the police need to know? If you cannot speak or make a noise listen to the instructions given to you by the call taker:
  • Location – Where are the suspects?
  • Direction – Where did you last see the suspects?
  • Descriptions – Describe the attacker, numbers, features, clothing, weapons etc.
  • Further information – Casualties, type of injury, building information, entrances, exits, hostages etc.
  • Stop other people entering the building/area if it is safe to do so


  • Follow Officer’s Instructions
  • Remain Calm
  • Can You Move to a Safer Area?
  • Avoid Sudden Movements That May Be Considered A Threat
  • Keep Your Hands in View


  • Point Guns at You
  • Treat You Firmly
  • Question You
  • Be Unable to Distinguish You from the Attacker
  • Officers Will Evacuate You When It Is Safe to Do So

Discuss the Likelihood of an Attack and where security threat information can be sought:

Security Service website at

Be aware of suspicious activity!

Who should suspicious activity be reported to?

How to keep safe