Safety Bulletin NRB24-04 - Track Worker Near Miss

    Safety Bulletin NRB24-04 – A serious incident has taken place – Trackworker near miss


    On 23rd April 2024 in the Chiltern Green area, Luton, ELR: SPC1, at approximately 09.50, a trackworker (a Telecomms Tester) was walking in the Down Fast (DF) Cess to return to their work group after leaving them to use the welfare at the original access point. All lines were open to traffic.

    As part of the route back the trackworker approached and subsequently proceeded to cross limited clearance U/B 127. At which time a train on the DF approaching the bridge sounded their horn and applied its emergency brakes, as the driver of the train believed they were at risk of striking the individual.

    The trackworker was not struck and there were no injuries suffered.

    The Person in Charge / COSS of the work group which the trackworker was returning to immediately made a call to the Signaller to advise of the incident.

    The Network Rail MOM was dispatched and attended site.

    The team were stood down in a position of safety to await Drug and Alcohol testing.


  • How do you familiarise yourself with the site and planned works?
  • How do you record, manage and document change on site?
  • If a group member is required to leave the group, what should you do when working under the control of the COSS/PIC?
  • Anyone going on or near the line should be clear about the access and egress points.
  • Any COSS or PIC should ALWAYS be issued the Safe Work Pack to check and understand at least a shift in advance.
  • What do you do if you identify an infrastructure concern within your Safe System of Work?



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