Safety Bulletin- NRB22-08 Robel Battery Powered Tamper Incident
Safety Bulletin- NRB22-08 Robel Battery Powered Tamper Incident


The Eastleigh P-way team arrived at the stores on the 31/07/2022 at 23:54 to collect tools and equipment for their planned works.

A Robel LithiumIon battery was removed from the charger and placed on a Robel 62.20 vertical tamper.

The test button was pushed, and a loud bang and a puff of smoke was emitted from the Robel vertical tamper unit.

This was reported to Control and the section manager. The section manager instructed the team to place the equipment in quarantine. The following morning at 09:25 hrs the section manager and supervisor went to the stores to investigate further.

During the initial investigation the battery was unclipped from the vertical tamper and placed on the floor to inspect further. After approximately 2 minutes they heard a hissing noise coming from the battery, followed by smoke, which began filling the stores.

The stores were evacuated, and the fire brigade were called, who extinguished the fire with no other damage.

The Robel 62.20 vertical tamper unit and Robel Lithium-Ion battery were both new and delivered to the team on the 20/07/2022 and had only been used once before.

There is no indication that other Robel vertical tamper units and Robel Lithium-Ion batteries have the same problem and at present there have been no other incidents reported This equipment is fully product accepted Ref:PA05/05265 & Catalogue number 094/022069

This incident is currently under investigation by the manufacturer and Network Rail Technical Authority Plant Team have notified the Regions that a suspension of the use of these assets is to be instigated until the results of this investigation are completed and the assets are confirmed as 'safe to use'.


  • Are the correct pre-use checks being carried out as per the manufacturer's instructions and are all defects reported after use?
  • Is this equipment operated and maintained by trained and competent staff in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and Network Rail policy?
  • Do you know the quarantine procedure and is this being followed?
  • Are lithium-ion batteries being charged safely and in the correct manner as per the manufacturer's user instructions?
  • Are the correct emergency procedures in place for all buildings storing equipment?

  • Safety-Bulletin-NRB22-08-Battery-Fire.pdf


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