25 kV AC overhead line equipment

    25 kV ac overhead line equipment


  • Only touch the OLE if a Form C has been issued for the relevant section
  • If possible test a conductor, which you believe has been isolated but is capable of being made live before touching the conductor. Use an approved device before entering within 2.75 metres of the conductor, unless you have an approved risk assessment for working up to 600mm of the conductor
  • You should retest if you have moved beyond an in-line feature, onto a different track or a different conductor
  • The test should either be directly performed or witnessed by each individual before going within 600mm. Where joining a workgroup who are in contact with a conductor, if there is any doubt about the extent of their worksite the test must be performed again
  • Approved devices only indicate if a conductor is live, not if a potentially harmful induced voltage is present. Conductors must be isolated, and made dead, before touching
  • This Lifesaving Rule applies to:

    All components which may be energised at 25 kV ac. This includes but is not limited to,

  • Catenary system including contact wire
  • Bare feeders
  • Autotransformer Feeder (ATF)
  • Supplementary conductors
  • Exposed cable terminations
  • Booster Transformers
  • Harmonic Dampers
  • Cables
  • This Lifesaving rule does not apply to:

  • Return Conductor (RC)
  • OLE under construction (i.e. not capable of being energised)
  • Local (depot) isolations

    Learning for the future

  • Every report of electric shock shall be formally investigated using the fair culture process
  • A Close Call should be raised when a conductor is tested live and it is not expected to be live

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