Safety Alert - SPL / P&I - Accident – No lost time Injury – Laceration

    Safety Alert – SPL / P&I – Accident – No lost time Injury – Laceration

    Description / Nature of event: Cut Hand during OLE Construction Works

    What happened?

    On Saturday 25th June a P&I employee was undertaking earth wire clamp installations.

    Whilst the OLEC 3 Operative (OP) was undertaking the work, his hand slipped and caught a part of the earth wire clamp known as the shim.

    The OP removed his glove, first aid was applied and he was escorted to Watford A&E.

    Three stitches were administered, OP was discharged and returned to work at 23:00

    Points noted and sharing with the teams

  • Issue: Equipment – Sharp edge of the shim
  • Action: Review of the pre-fabrication of the brackets with the manufacturer

  • Issue: Practice – the Operative (OP) was leaning (with some force) on the pole when his hand slipped. The OP said he didn’t need to lean on the pole but had used it for stability whilst tightening the bolts.
  • Action: Look at work techniques with other OLE staff to establish best practice

  • Issue: Equipment PPE – Gloves did not provide adequate protection against the strike
  • Action: Despite the gloves being cut E/F they did not offer the adequate protection for this area. Review of suitable task specific gloves

  • Issue: Equipment – PPE – Possible weakened stability of worn gloves. Gloves had been issued almost 2 months earlier and used regularly. Op has washed the gloves a few times.
  • Action: Review lifespan of gloves and how washing effects protection



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