Safety Alert - RRV trailer fouling the line during engineering works

    Safety Alert – RRV trailer fouling the line during engineering works

    On 20/02/2021 on one of our core renewal sites during a possession, an Engineering train hit a RRV trailer that was stored in the wide-way in between two lines.

    The train was travelling from platform 17 to 18. The ES and site manager had walked route prior to the movement and confirmed the route was safe to conduct the movement of the train.

    The ES then briefed the driver and started moving the train into Platform 18.

    The train made contact with the tow-bar of the trailer causing damage to insulation pots and Con-rail.

    The train was stopped immediately, and the trailer was then removed.

    No injury to personnel and Infrastructure damages repaired during the possession.

    The Crane Controller, Operator, Site Manager and ES all stated the trailer seemed to be positioned at an adequately safe distance from the line.



    Never assume:

  • When not using plant, tools or materials during works make sure they are positioned in a place of safety – clear of walking routes, lines and access points.
  • If unsure ask:

  • If something looks unsafe speak to your Supervisor.
  • Raise a close call.
  • Managers / Supervisors:

  • Please speak to your Operatives and if required, highlight a minimum distance on our Engineering sites that plant and materials should be placed when not in use.
  • Remind all staff prior to any train movements to confirm the route is safe and clear from plant, materials and most all people.
  • Log a safety conversation

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