Safety Alert NRX22-02 - Fatality due to fall from height
Safety Alert NRX22-02 - Fatality due to fall from height

A serious incident has taken place - Fatality due to fall from height


At approximately 1400 on the 3rd of November, a scaffolding inspector employed by a sub-contractor to a Principal Contractor, fell to his death through a Skylight on the roof of an industrial unit in Glasgow.

The industrial unit was being refurbished for use as a Network Rail Works Delivery location.

The inspection of the scaffold was not planned until the following day and there was no written record of the inspector’s arrival on site.

On arrival the inspector accessed the scaffold and for reasons currently not known, he proceeded to access the roof of the building.

Approximately 10 metres toward the apex of the roof, the inspector fell through a skylight into the building below.

This tragic event is subject to internal and Health & Safety Executive investigation.


While we are investigating the incident, please discuss the following with your team:

  • Do you have areas of your workplace that are subject to stricter safety controls? What are they and how do you ensure they are communicated and followed?
  • In your workplace, how do communicate areas that are safe / unsafe to access?
  • In your workplace how robust are security and access control arrangements?
  • Which of our Lifesaving rules could prevent a repeat of this accident?

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