Safety Alert NRX21-11 – Overturned forklift truck

    Safety Alert NRX21-11 – Overturned forklift truck


    On 17th December 2021 three contractors working for Route Services at Holgate depot were moving a 4.5 tonne steel frame into a building.

    This was not a routine activity.

    The team decided to lift, turn and carry the frame using two forklift trucks.

    They were positioned each end of the load and each lifted the frame using a single-point lifting strap over their forks.

    As the suspended frame started to turn, the smaller truck was pushed out of position and overturned.

    Fortunately, there were no injuries.

    This was a complex, tandem lifting operation but there was no specific risk assessment or lifting plan.

    No-one was supervising the lifting operation.

    This event is classed as a RIDDOR Dangerous Occurrence and a level 2 investigation is underway.


  • How do you recognise an operation which requires more specialised assessment and knowledge?
  • What should you consider when planning a tandem lift?
  • Who should you involve in assessing the risk in a complex lifting operation?
  • How do you check you are using the correct tools and method for the activity?
  • Do you know what must be done to report a RIDDOR reportable Dangerous Occurrence?