Introducing the RR14 EVO 3/Hybrid road/rail access platform. Our brand new purpose built road/rail access platform is designed specifically for railway maintenance.
Therefore this new platform has all the benefits of the UK’s most popular rail MEWP, the RR14 EVO -2/400 plus more.

The design & technology of the RR14 Evo 3/Hybrid
The RR14 Evo 3/Hybrid model incorporates the latest Euro Tier 5 clean burning diesel engine coupled with a 400 Ah lithium battery pack.
Hence this incredible new access platform can drive whilst fully operating on pure battery power for between 4-8 hours.
Our new machine also utilises the latest reduced noise and clean burning diesel engine.
The RR14 Evo 3/hybrid access platform is not only ideal for working in railway tunnels but also reducing noise pollution.

In conclusion new rail access platform will reduce emissions at the same time as reducing your carbon footprint.
It will also provide the opportunity for a truly fume free work place.

The latest tier 5 engine also provides:
Increased – Power – Performance – Efficiency – Torque

Reduced – Fuel consumption – Weight – Maintenance – Emissions – Vibrations – Noise – Wearing Parts

In addition the new battery offers:
400Ah lithium battery pack – Option of interchangeable battery packs for longer use – Charging via main engine and also mains supply –
On board smart technology management for the most efficient battery charging.


Max Working Height: 14.4M
Max Cage Capacity: 400KG
Max Outreach (400kg): 6.3M
Max Outreach (300kg): 9.3M
Outreach While Driving: 6.3M
Operating Cant: 200mm
Max Operating Gradient: 1/16
Cage Size: 1.2M x 1.5M
Weight: 12800KG
Engine Type: DIESEL / HYBRID