The latest Basket RR14 EVO-2/400 road rail access platform is a self-propelled road/rail access platform.
This specialist rail industry access platform is specifically designed and developed as a road/rail access platform.
Now the UK’s most popular road/rail access platform, this machine was first introduced to the UK in 2003.
That introduction was highly successful and lead to the Basket RR14 EVO-2/400 becoming an instant hit within the UK rail industry.

The articulating and telescopic boom lift allows for very flexible use of the Basket RR14 EVO-2/400.
Whilst on the rails the unit offers excellent side reach and lifting capacity due to its automatic self-levelling turret that allows the machine to operate on a 200mm cant, and incorporates a self-locking oscillating axle.

The spacious cage allows handling of large and heavy tools utilising the three person, 400kg maximum cage capacity.
Our platform offers greater work place versatility than its competitors.
This is due to its cage placement with, not only the fly-jib but also the 90 plus 90 degrees cage rotation.

The auxiliary emergency diesel engine on the Basket RR14 EVO-2/400 has a hydraulic pump.
This enables the operator to carry out all machine functions and vacate the rail tracks in any contingency.

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Max Working Height: 14.4M
Max Cage Capacity: 400KG
Max Outreach (400kg): 6.3M
Max Outreach (300kg): 9.3M
Outreach While Driving: 6.3M
Operating Cant: 200mm
Max Operating Gradient: 1/16
Cage Size: 1.2M x 1.5M
Weight: 12800KG
Engine Type: DIESEL


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