Points Run Through - An Important Reminder

    IMPORTANT REMINDER – On Track Plant (OTP)/On Track Machines (OTM) Movements Over Points in Possessions

    Despite a number of initiatives to improve knowledge and understanding of the number of point run through incidents in possessions by OTP & OTM, they still continue to occur on an unacceptably frequent basis.

    This Important Reminder highlights the key points that must be followed to ensure points are set correctly before any OTP/OTM movement takes place over them.

    Key Points:

  • 1. All movements over points within possessions shall be clearly identified during the work planning process.
  • 2. The PICOP/ES shall be provided with all information relating to points within the possession and any planned movements over them.
  • 3. The PICOP/ES must contact the signaller to move all points to the position required before the movement. If it is not possible for the signaller to move the points, you must get a competent person i.e. Points Operator to move them manually.
  • 4. The PICOP/ES, if informed by the Machine Controller (MC) that the OTP cannot be relied upon to operate train operated points must ensure any hydro-pneumatic points are correctly secured before authorising the OTP movement to pass over them in the trailing direction.
  • 5. The PICOP/ES must confirm with the competent person that the points have been set correctly to normal or reverse for the required OTP/OTM movement.
  • 6. The PICOP/ES must only give authority to the OTM driver or MC when points have been set correctly/confirmed normal or reverse for that particular movement.
  • 7. The PICOP/ES must agree with the signaller the position in which the points are to be placed or kept after the movement has taken place.
  • 8. The MC and OTP Operator must check that all points are in the correct position prior to movements over them.
  • Remember – Before authorising any movement over points in possessions they must be set correctly for that particular movement and only when this has been confirmed can the movement take place.

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