In December NIR 4009 was issued for some models of Promax RR14 Evo MEWPS. ( does not include Tier-5 engine or Hybrid models)

    Whilst offloading an RR14 MEWP from his lorry a delivery driver depressed the foot ‘dead-man’ pedal… and without operating any other controls the basket proceeded to slew.

    Subsequent examinations discovered that with the machine in basket mode and the foot-pedal depressed it is possible for 4 unauthorised functions to be operated by the foot-pedal alone

  • No1 Boom can lower
  • No2 Boom can lower
  • Telescopic Boom can retract
  • Turret can slew clockwise
  • All examinations indicate this is a fault of intermittent failing of the 5v power supply to the basket controls and not a direct fault of the dead-man pedal.

    ECS Have carried out checks to our own fleet and have passed them as free of this defect and safe to operate.

    There is a small chance that this problem could affect any RR14 machines at some point in future.

    To mitigate this risk our pre-use check list on the ECS App has had the following check added;

    Foot-Pedal does not independently allow unauthorised movements: YES/NO

    To ensure this is tested correctly please follow this procedure before every use:

    With engine running and the machine In Basket Mode slowly depress the foot pedal only and confirm that none of the above listed movements occur.

    If response is NO you may then perform all other basket control checks prior to operating the machine.

    If response is YES and any of these movements do occur, immediately stop operation of the machine and inform the site supervisor or site fitter, if none are present please inform ECS on-call 0800 2465711

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