MEMO - Wearing the Correct PPE
MEMO from your Managing Director - Wearing the Correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Wearing the Correct PPE (personal protective equipment) is a critical part of staying safe in the workplace and on many work sites, and it is extremely important for both companies and individual workers.

PPE saves countless lives every year and enables workers and companies to prevent thousands of minor incidents and major accidents every day.

Once the company and workers are clear on when and why PPE is required, a company can safely monitor and track the wearing of PPE.

Where a worker is found not to be wearing correct PPE the Site Supervisor where present or any of ECS management team will take action for not wearing PPE firstly with a verbal warning advising the worker or employee who is violating the site or company safety rules and allow them to comply.

Where a worker or employee is a repeat offender, (Example being asked more than once during shift or over the course of the week) then the worker or employee will be asked to leave site.

It is a breach of contract or engagement and therefore no payment for the services will be made for this shift.

The goal of communicating this action is to not anger or frustrate, but to inform them that their behaviour isn't in line with what is expected or accepted in the workplace.

If you are requiring PPE this can be requested through the ECS app or notifying the site supervisor/manager of your requirements.

As we enter into winter it has also been brought to our attention that the safety glasses are steaming up - We are looking for alternative glasses or fogging spray to assist with this.

Attached is a toolbox talk to remind you of the importance of wearing the correct PPE.

Kind Regards


Shane Williams (Managing Director)

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