Our 32T Cheese Wedge Beavertail Plant Transporter gives your businesses access to a high quality truck.

Our plant transporter for hire comes equipped with a heavy duty plant body, that can transport plant equipment easily and securely.

Loading and unloading from our plant transporter truck is simple, using a fully remote controlled winch system, plus our truck is compliant with Euro 6 regulations, meaning our customers can work in the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) without any issues.

We also have a range of ramps available to suit your requirements.

When transporting heavy duty plant equipment we understand having a flat plant truck body is essential, particularly whilst moving larger vehicles.

We can also supply our plant truck with twin split folding hydraulic ramps that unfold quickly on site for fast unloading and delivery.


  • Payload 16.500KG
  • HIAB Capability:
    • 6160KG @ 2.15M
    • 1660KG @ 8M
    • 749KG @ 14.4M
  • Hydraulic Winch
  • 7.5T Canter Beaver Tail
  • Payload 4000KG
  • 5T Electric Winch