Health & Safety Alert - Swivel Hook Failure When Fitted to a RRV SAF 23-01

    Health & Safety Alert – Swivel Hook Failure When Fitted to a RRV SAF 23-01

    We have been notified via the National Incident Reporting system of a Swivel Hook Failure whilst undertaking lifting operations with an RRV.

    It was reported that whilst lifting a trailer, the Doosan’s lifting hook has failed resulting in a trailer been dropped, damaging the 3rd rail and trailer.

    The lifting hook had split apart as the cap has come unscrewed from the hook.

    It was reported to be its 4th trailer lift when the hook split away from the lifting eye (see pictures on the attached bulletin).

    As an exclusion Zone had been maintained, no-one was injured. This serves as a reminder why we need to establish and maintain exclusion zones during lifting operations.

    SPL Powerlines are undertaking detailed examinations of similar equipment owned by the company and have written to our approved OTP suppliers making them aware of the incident.

    With immediate effect,

  • Plant Assurance Co-ordinators (POS), Crane Operators and Crane Controllers must check swivel hooks prior to lifting. Any potential issues identified during these checks must be raised to the onsite fitter and cascaded to on call managers.

  • SAF23-01-Swivel-Hook-Failure-When-Fitted-to-a-RRV.pdf


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