Close Call Report

Date Name (Blank is anonymous) Company Division Who Were You Working For Type of Close Call Nominated Charity
January 14, 2021 Stevfe Cresswell Support Services Safety Issue / Problem
January 14, 2021 Shane Williams OHL Construction Division Safety Issue / Problem RNLI
January 15, 2021 Heath Martin Plant / Transport Division Positive Observation (i.e. Good Practice Observed)
January 23, 2021 Scott Reade OHL Construction Division ECS Safety Issue / Problem Help the heroes
March 10, 2021 Andy Evans Isolation Division ECS Safety Issue / Problem Children’s hospital
March 12, 2021 Jonathan OHL Construction Division Office/stores Safety Issue / Problem Cancer research
March 26, 2021 Matt Brassington Plant / Transport Division Balfour Beatty Safety Issue / Problem Me
August 29, 2021 G carney Isolation Division Ecs Safety Issue / Problem