Electrical Safety - Choose to Challenge



Electricity is one of the key workforce safety risks when working on the tracks.

Electrified railway can be above the track Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) and on the ground in some areas via the 3rd rail conductor rail power supply, and even below us in buried cables.

We want everyone involved with electricity across the rail industry to go home safe every day.

To do this, we need to eliminate the belief that accidents just happen, we can do this by caring for one another and challenging things that just don’t feel safe.

Garys story as part of the Electrical Safety Choose to Challenge campaign, and is a stark reminder of how precious and fragile life can be, and why being safe is our only option.

Choose to Challenge - Part 1 - FINAL_CAPTIONS_v4.0 - networkrail-70

We need everyone to take responsibility for keeping themselves, their fellow work colleagues, and workplaces safe. Stop, Think, Check, can Save Lives.

Electrical safety has a number of Life-saving Rules specifically designed to save lives and in 2007 Network Rail produced a short film on electrical safety called Touch and Go.

Although a few years old the messages in the film still ring true, and underline the priority for greater safety when working around electricity.

The electrical safety strategy is a key enabler to the electrification and power asset policy and vision, and supports the Network Rail safety vision.

We are relentless in the pursuit of safety from electrical dangers, and improving our compliance with Electricity at Work Regulations in every decision we make, supporting Network Rails safety vision of everyone home safe every day.



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