Company Drivers Handbook (Rev3 June 22)

ECS Drivers Handbook 22-23 Rev 3 SW

Please read the attached revised Drivers handbook which has some important changes documented.

Due to the rising costs of fuel, and HMRC tax implications on business/private miles we need to fully monitor all mileage incurred for all vehicles.

It is therefore imperative for all company drivers to complete and return a weekly vehicle check using the ECS App (Click the picture) ?

If you don’t have the facility on your phone to install the App please use the internet to access the following link ECS Staff Portal

Please fully utilise the weekly vehicle checksheet to report any defects or damage to your vehicle.

Please sign this bulletin to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the revised Drivers Handbook.

If you have any questions on this subject please contact James Ashton (Transport Manager) on 07493555995 or Send Jim an Email



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