Colas Rail Shared Learning - Falling Materials

    Colas Rail – Shared Learning – Falling Materials


    Whilst works were undergoing over bridge 1479A, the team was conducting a rail stressing activity when the owner of a barge stationed underneath the bridge reported a number of pandrol keys falling through the gaps and landing on top of his barge.


    There were gaps present between the decking of the bridge and the horizontal sleepers that had not been filled in.

    The hazard was not picked up as part of the pre-works checks and the barge owner was not asked if he could move his barge temporarly whilst the unkeying was going on.

    Remember to complete the planning checks:

  • Always check your surroundings and assess the environment before starting a task;
  • When working over bridges, always check the area underneath to identify any gaps where materials could fall through;
  • Always deploy a person underneath when working over pedestrian areas to prevent members of the public from walking underneath the work areas;
  • Where practically possible, erect netting underneath bridges to catch any materials falling through;
  • Prior to any works commencing, always engage with waterway users to ensure they are clear of any structures to ensure no items may be subject to falling items/hazards.

  • SHARED-LEARNING-Bishops-Stortford.pdf


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