Close Call Entry Report

Close Call Report

Date Name (Blank is anonymous) Company Division Who Were You Working For Type of Close Call Nominated Charity
January 14, 2021 Stevfe Cresswell Support Services Safety Issue / Problem
January 14, 2021 Shane Williams OHL Construction Division Safety Issue / Problem RNLI
January 15, 2021 Heath Martin Plant / Transport Division Positive Observation (i.e. Good Practice Observed)
January 23, 2021 Scott Reade OHL Construction Division ECS Safety Issue / Problem Help the heroes
March 10, 2021 Andy Evans Isolation Division ECS Safety Issue / Problem Children’s hospital
March 12, 2021 Jonathan OHL Construction Division Office/stores Safety Issue / Problem Cancer research
March 26, 2021 Matt Brassington Plant / Transport Division Balfour Beatty Safety Issue / Problem Me
August 29, 2021 G carney Isolation Division Ecs Safety Issue / Problem