Safety Alert - Re: Gas Tensioner Castings

    Safety Alert – Re: Gas Tensioner Castings

    We have had several internal discussions this morning regarding the Gas Tensioner casting part cracking issue and recommend the following:

  • All Gas T castings as highlighted below (Image 1) should checked for visual cracking using a method similar to what was is also shown in Image 2.
  • Any units found with cracks then need the castings changed out on the following nights possession/isolation.
  • If this changeout cannot occur on the following overnight possession/isolation then we recommend a safety strap is temporarily installed from the parafil balance plate direct to the pole (Image 3). This should be installed a little slack, to allow the Gas T to still operate, but would catch the main wires if a casting failure were to occur.
  • A secondary safety strap should then be installed between the pole and the casting linked to the pole strap (Image 3) – again slack. This would catch the gas tensioner from falling to the ground.
  • BW have sent 5 castings to you today 29.07.22, via dedicated driver. They should arrive within a couple of hours. One of these castings should be used to replace the cracked casting, which I understand is planned for tomorrow night possession? These 5 parts have been routine load tested.

    Please do not use the spare casting you already have in stock. If that part can either be given to our driver to bring back with them, or please can you quarantine that part and photograph it so we can check the batch number.

    Note: In 2020 BW dispatched 6 castings to MMA. We need to ascertain whether the batch code of those castings are the same as the recent failed castings. We would also suggest that if the Gas T locations where these castings were fitted back in 2020 up to now were installed, are checked first with the video camera as per first bullet point of this email.

    Image 1:


    Image 2:


    Image 3:

    We remain at your disposal for ongoing advice.

    First thing next week we will be analysing the next steps, both with internal testing and further recommendations and will be back in contact.

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